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Essential soft skills for nurses published on december 07 2017 updated on a bachelor of science in nursing bsn degree program teaches nurses how to perform medical tasks incorporate evidence based research and operate technical equipment however there is more to nursing than just clinical expertiseits uncommon for nurse leaders to have to coach employees on clinical skills but quite common for nurse leaders to coach and even use disciplinary action for employees who have problems with communication teamwork decision making and critical thinking skills all of which are considered soft skills essential components of emotional intelligence eithe soft skills of nursing mar 30 2013 | magazine do you ever wonder about the impression we as nurses leave with our patients or the impact we have on our communities at large one can get an idea by taking a peek at gallups annual honesty and ethics survey since 1976 gallup has asked americans to rate the perceived honesty and 6 soft skills necessary for hardworking nurses every hard working nurse needs to have a set of skills beyond what can be taught in medical school in the nursing profession strong personal skills are just as important as qualifying technical skills soft skills often referred to as personality skills are personal skills every nurse needs to two types of skill sets exist in nursing and in other professions hard skills and soft skills the hard skills are the hands on procedural skills that a typical bedside nurse must use to perform the job effectively while soft skills are the intangible interpersonal skills one needs to facilitate communication and navigate the workplace successfully

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